At the beginning of 2020, CARTONPACK launched a highly valuable corporate project related to corporate social responsibility, with two main targets: to give a brand new and unique value to recycled plastic (RPET); to take a more decisive action towards sustainability and corporate social commitment.

«This is the beginning of a new business model that is grafted into the vision of a circular economy, using existing resources and simultaneously creating a new welfare for emerging countries.»

CARTONPACK stands out today as the FIRST and only European Social Plastic® converter, giving a new social and ecological value to packaging for the fresh produce market.

Buying fruit and vegetables in a Social Plastic® package will mean rewarding work and improving the living conditions of people in emerging countries, helping to heal the oceans and their environment from the enormous pollution in which they live.

The strategic positioning of many companies involved in the packaging sector has recently been rescheduled by offering packaging alternatives that can respond, not always in a coherent way, to the requirements established by environmental movements and a mass approach sensitive to propaganda "Plastic Free ".

Plastic Bank and the use of Social Plastic® represent a cutting-edge proposal in the fresh product packaging market and a coherent response to the problems of environmental pollution and social solidarity in areas of the world where the situation is absolutely emergency.

Social Plastic®, provided by Plastic Bank, is plastic recovered from the oceans in compliance with the ethics of sustainability and aiming to improve the living conditions of people in developing countries where the level plastic pollution is the highest ever.

Carton Pack is the first and only packaging manufacturer in the fresh produce market that has taken steps to give a completely new value to recycled plastic (RPET) with a more decisive action towards environmental and social sustainability in compliance with the objectives set by the United Nations.

The new range of Social Plastic products is now available for heat sealing solutions: Mod. C250 (grapes, tomatoes, berries, cherries) and Mod. E, H, Q500 (berries), and many more to come.

The packaging guarantees full suitability for food contact and traceability of the Social Plastic® raw material, with an exclusive thermoformed brand on the bottom of the packaging.

The new Social Plastic® models are made with up to 100% Social Plastic® recycled raw material, and guarantee our customer a product of the highest quality without any loss in terms of performance. The Social Plastic® product range is easily recognizable, even by the end user, as they are marked with the official logo on the bottom, allowing an easy understanding of the intrinsic values ​​of the purchased product, which becomes the vehicle of a new circular economy approach.

Social Plastic Highlights

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