Ecodesign finds its greatest achievement within a circular economy that creates a sustainable life model.

It is a systemic approach therefore characterized by a conscious design that responsibly employs resources efficiently with particular attention to the reduction of post-consumer waste.

At CARTONPACK we conceive and design packaging in order to minimize the environmental impact during the entire life cycle of the product: from the study phase, to production, to sale on the market.

The raw materials used are produced according to the logic of sustainability and recyclable with the utmost respect for the environment.

Eco-sustainable materials are at the center of decision-making processes in the design phase as they must comply with certain standards, based on the principles of reuse and recycling. CARTONPACK is totally committed to the research and evaluation of new and potentially usable raw materials, in order to reduce the environmental impact of the new packaging produced as much as possible. 

Ecodesign in CARTONPACK is an ideational and manufacturing process focused on the creation of packaging that can be perfectly integrated into the vision of a regenerative circular economy.


TAmong the representative products of CARTONPACK production we can mention the award-winning CartonShell®, the microwave cardboard alternative to the standard R-PET Clamshell. The materials that compose it are cardboard and cellophane film that allow it to be completely disposed of in the paper as it is made up of 100% cellulosic material. This patented model, in addition to having a strong resistance to humidity and particular characteristics of structural strength, lends itself perfectly to automated packaging processes in standard filling and closing lines. CartonShell® is perfectly stackable and is suitable for insertion into standard cardboard boxes, CPR and Europool or IFCO formats. CartonShell® was awarded as the best innovative product in the “Best of 2020” - Expo Direkt Innovation Award ”, a prize awarded by the jury of VSSE (Der Verband Süddeutscher Spargel und Erdbeeranbauer).


The BK bucket is a MONO-MATERIAL R-PET product that can be made of Social Plastic®. Unlike other similar products on the market, it follows a sustainable approach towards a more correct management of materials and their reuse. It lends itself perfectly to the packaging processes of automated filling lines and is perfectly stackable thanks to its slightly conical shape. It has an innovative lid with internal closure which is useful to improve its insertion in standard cardboard boxes, CPR and Europool or IFCO formats, but it can also be used in a heat-sealable version. The lid has a new easy opening system, a hole that allows the consumer to lift it easily. The handle has been designed to be an integral part of the container, in order to be more manageable in storage without having to use additional materials. It is a “stand-up” handle as it remains erect by itself once lifted thus acting as a teaser, inviting the consumer to buy on impulse


The Carry Basket and the Medallion are practical packaging in flat CKB cardboard and micro-corrugated cardboard respectively. The latter are solutions increasingly requested by the market as an alternative to plastic packaging. Available in various sizes and shapes, with or without handle, they offer the possibility of packaging multiple types of fruit and vegetables, making them easier to display and recognizable on the POS.

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