Today the packaging is conceived as a solution to the various problems of environmental sustainability, usage functionality, ease of disposal, preservation of the integrity and freshness of the fresh produce.

The key target on which CARTON PACK develops its technological research is the maximum reduction of the impact that raw materials and their applications can have on the entire life cycle of packaging, from concept to final consumer.

Considering the growing specific needs of the modernized production and distribution processes, no one can ignore the focus on the most advanced solutions to conceive suitable systems and methods for packaging and storing products. In CARTON PACK we believe that efficiency begins with the creation of the right packaging.

CARTON PACK Research & Development Dept. Is structured in 3 areas:

  • Analytical Lab
  • Product Engineering
  • Graphic development and Design


Analytical Lab

Equipped with the most advanced analysis systems for raw materials in food packaging, the Laboratory collaborates with the major internationally accredited research centers.

Migration test, sampling, food breathability analysis, testing of mechanical performance of raw materials, optimization of food products shelf-life are just some of the services that CARTON PACK offers as available to its customers.


Product Engineering

The Product Engineering Dept. is in charge of the industrialization of food packaging starting from the development of the prototype (CAD, CAM), defining the appropriate raw materials and coordinating the production process.

The expertise of CARTON PACK in packaging prototyping, is undoubtedly a keyk of the service offered to the market. Using the most advanced 2D / 3D modeling softwares, the Product Engineering Dept. is able to collect a concept from customers and process it in order to obtain the industrializable prototype.

The Product Engineering Dept. is supported by a physical archive dedicated to sampling of all types of packaging and materials; this is really helpful to present to the client a wide range of available choices.


Graphic development and Design

This is the core of creative development in CARTON PACK. Equipped with the most advanced softwares and pre-printing processing equipments (Art PRO), the Graphic Development and Design Dept. is in charge of coordinating all the phases of flexo printing. The pre-press service provides the traceability of the creative project that guarantees the unique coding of the artworks.

The Graphic Development and Design Dept. provides customer advisory services to obtain the best results in the graphic development of packaging: the inks kitchen formulates the dosages necessary to achieve a color rendering with maximum fidelity. The department works in synergy with a cliché laboratory that realizes the printing plants through the most advanced engraving technologies; the polymers used are of the latest generation and the physical storage of the systems guarantees rapidity in terms of production and / or editing times.


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