Packaging today is conceived as a solution to the various problems of environmental sustainability, functionality of use, ease of disposal, preservation of the integrity and freshness of the food product.

The cornerstone on which CARTONPACK develops its technological research is the maximum reduction of the impact that raw materials and their applications can have in the entire life cycle of the packaging, from packaging to use by the final consumer.

Considering the growing specific needs of modernly organized production and distribution processes, one cannot ignore focusing attention on the most advanced solutions to conceive adequate systems and methods for packaging and storing products. For CARTONPACK, efficiency begins with the creation of the right packaging.

CARTONPACK Research and Development Division is structured in 3 areas:

• Analysis laboratory
• Product design and industrialization
• Graphic development and Design



Equipped with the most advanced analysis systems for raw materials intended for food packaging, the laboratory carries out its activities by collaborating with major internationally accredited research centers. Migration tests, sampling, analysis of food respiration, mechanical performance tests of materials, optimization of the shelf-life of the food product are just some of the services that CARTONPACK offers its customers.



The laboratory is responsible for industrializing food packaging starting from the development of the prototype (CAD, CAM), defining the appropriate raw materials and coordinating the production process. The competence of CARTONPACK, in the development of the packaging prototype, is undoubtedly a hallmark of the service offered to the market. Using the most modern 2D / 3D modeling software, the laboratory is able to collect a concept and process it in order to obtain the industrializable project. The product design and industrialization area is completed by a physical archive dedicated to the sampling of all types of packaging and materials; this allows to present to the customer a wide range of alternatives available.



It is the creative development center in CARTONPACK. Equipped with the most advanced software and pre-press processing equipment (Art PRO), the graphic development and design department is responsible for coordinating all stages of flexographic printing. The pre-press service provides for the traceability of the creative project which guarantees the univocal coding of the elaborate. It also carries out consultancy services to the customer to obtain the best results in the graphic development of the packaging: the ink kitchen formulates the dosages necessary to guarantee a color rendering with maximum fidelity. The department works in synergy with a printing plate laboratory that creates the printing systems using the most advanced engraving technologies; the polymers used are of the latest generation and the physical archiving of the systems guarantees rapidity in construction and / or modification times.

R&D projects

CARTONPACK is among the beneficiaries of the National Operational Program "Enterprises and Competitiveness" 2004-2020 ERDF, to be used on the fund for sustainable growth. Call Horizon 2020 - PON I&C 2014-20 project code F / 050083/00 / X32. Financial support granted: Soft loan of € 394,166.67; Direct contribution to the total cost of € 410,312.50

IThe R&D project aimed at the study and development of highly innovative products for the entire Food Packaging sector, i.e. films and rigid packages in bio-copolyester, heat-resistant and eco-friendly, for the containment of hot food.

The qualitative and quantitative results achieved are the following:

• Increased temperature resistance characteristics of the new films and containers, compared to traditional PET products, so as to allow their use up to 90-100 ° C.

• Environmental compatibility of the new films and packages, compared to homologous products used in the reference Packaging.

• High transparency and mechanical rigidity, not obtainable with other materials.

• Aesthetic and functional value thanks to the complete visibility of the food contained.

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