The pressures coming from an increasingly diversified market, focused on quality requirements, means, in the production cycle, the management of several activities. These are carried out by men as well as by technologically advanced systems of inspection and analysis of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.

CARTON PACK is supported by a qualified team of experts in legislative compliance and product risk assessment. This function is constantly updated about the new regulations of food contact for materials and objects, both nationally and internationally.

Acting in synergy with public and private institutions (Universities, Research Centers, accredited Labs), CARTON PACK has been operating for several years within an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System, certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards in compliance with BRC / IOP standard too, which is a must for manufacturers of raw materials with reference to food contact and was created to certify hygienic / sanitary safety for customers.


The company is equipped with a Laboratory which controls raw materials, semi-finished and finished products in order to ensure the maintenance of pre-established production standards. This is to ensure the quality of the above reducing to a minimum the risk of non-compliance and processing waste. The constant controls, on all the phases of the production process, are carried out using latest generation technologies; thermal/mechanical/analytical analysis, chromatography, IR spectroscopy are just a few examples. Thanks to the know-how developed over time and the use of the most advanced instruments, CARTON PACK leads a constant research and development activity to achieve new market trends.

A preliminary phase of study is followed by design, to drive the creation of new materials and the development of innovative processes; this approach improves the shelf-life of food without ever forgetting respect of the environment.

The quality control function is supported by a wide range traceability system that is implemented both in the MES and WMS in declarative form but also as sampling management of the products.

Our mission is therefore always focused on the organization and efficiency of the various production areas as an essential warranty condition to customer satisfaction, integrity of products and safeguard of the environment.

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