Efficiency in logistics boosts productivity.

With the purpose of managing logistics flows, increasing productivity and efficiency, reducing costs and errors and optimizing the performance of warehouse logistics, CARTON PACK relies on SMA.IL :) StockSystem®, the Warehouse Management System of SMA.I.L:) SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS platform, using the most innovative and tested information technologies: Mobile, Pick2LightAIR and RFID.

Logistics in CARTON PACK means managing the allocation of goods in a dynamic way, optimizing handling activities and constantly monitoring every tasks and human or automatic resources.


FLEXIBLE Logistics

A modern display interface helps getting several graphic support functions during the work: the three-dimensional views of the warehouse and the relative locations give the experience of operating within the space and having, in real time, the just-in-time situation of the locations : this is a modern warehouse management that allows us to anticipate the needs of our customers.


Lead Time

Productivity, efficiency, traceability and management are our strengths.

In CARTON PACK, productivity means a reduction of checking times, good stocking and picking, just in time deliveries and rolling inventory.

Efficiency is synonymous of correct and verifiable inventory in real time, speed in the preparation of shipments, dynamic picking and evaluation of operators' performances.

Furthermore, transparency is guaranteed by advanced control tools (KPI), by a constantly updated statistical dashboard and by the traceability and visibility of all logistics processes.

Finally, the management, which targets the optimization and rationalization of spaces, the automation of repetitive procedures, the absence of paper supports, precision and control in the receipt of goods and reduction of errors in picking and shipping.


Workflow management



Reception • Storage / Handling • Picking / Shipping • Production • Control

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