Integrity and consistency

Integrity is for us the foundation of participation in group life. At CARTONPACK we believe that when a person lacks this value, his effectiveness and well-being drastically decrease to the point of leading him to commit destructive actions for himself and for others. We believe that, while respecting individual freedoms, the group must protect the loyalty and self-esteem of individuals and their discipline, to ensure efficiency and fulfillment for everyone at work and in life. Consistency is a natural consequence of the integrity of the individual and concerns the autonomous discipline to pursue the greatest good for the group, discarding a priori any negative influence or any other possible interest that is inconsistent with the corporate purpose, mission and values ​​shared by the group. group itself.

Inclusiveness and fairness

We tend to extend participation in our work group and our activities to as many subjects as possible. From the selection stages, we avoid discrimination based on age, racial and ethnic origin, nationality, political opinions, religious beliefs, sex, sexuality or health status. At CARTONPACK we evaluate people based solely on their training and relevant previous experience. In this group we are not looking for the "best" people, who pass the examination of prejudices, but for people who enthusiastically embrace our vision, our goals and our values. Anyone who joins our group is placed on a level of perfect human and social equity in which all rights are protected and no abuse is allowed.

Social harmony and belonging

Harmony is an essential component of social life in CARTONPACK. It must involve mind and heart. The individual expresses this harmony in the spirit of belonging that animates his action for the group. Social harmony positively predisposes us to reaching agreements, solving problems and progressing. Harmonizing with this group means internalizing its mission and values ​​and feeling an integral part of it. Not sharing the values ​​of the group creates a dissonance which, regardless of the value of the individual and his competence, can also unintentionally cause damage and prevent the achievement of shared goals. Including a person who has a sneaky or hateful attitude just because he is a great professional is not in tune with the values ​​of our group. In CARTONPACK we firmly believe that a person in harmony with the group can easily be made competent too.


Our group is founded on the work of everyone and for everyone. At CARTONPACK we believe it is essential that everyone in the group is committed to the utmost of their determination and ability to make work everything that has already been established and that has been delegated to us. We do not believe that any right to recognition of the individual is valid as a constituent element of the group but as an active and contributing part to life and to the achievement of group objectives.


We believe that the positive instinct to make the results and successes of individuals available to the group and the ability to assign merits to both individuals and the group are fundamental for development. We firmly believe that our work is effective and our goals can only be achieved through a correct sharing of the experiences and skills of individuals as a contribution for the whole group.

Responsibility and Causativity

The responsibility in the work that has been delegated to us is the basis of the mutual trust and professional reliability that characterizes the group. Knowing how to "respond" fairly to our work is a fundamental part of the group relational structure. Our group believes in the virtuous attitude of recognizing in a balanced and fair way personal successes as well as mistakes made, innovative knowledge and the results of every experience. We stimulate the individual to feel "cause" in group life: as the source point, the determining subject, even when faced with the solution of problems and we urge everyone to take effective actions to protect the group to which they belong.

Mutual help

Each individual professional is distinguished by specific talents and acquired skills. The interaction between the different attitudes and abilities in the group is guaranteed by mutual solidarity, by help. At CARTONPACK we believe that aid is a guarantee of structural growth and professional development. No results or goals can be achieved without loyal cooperation in support of the life of the group. Unity is strength and unity is guaranteed by mutual aid which aims at the growth of everyone and therefore of the group itself. Inherent in the concept of help is also the attention to the enhancement of everyone's skills by everyone so that they are stimulated and made profitable.


Of roles, skills and individuals. Respect for the individual - especially when he is in difficulty and is most vulnerable - has always characterized and made the work group in CARTONPACK special. We believe that roles and skills must also be respected in the same way. Respect for skills takes place by directing people according to their inclinations, attitudes and abilities through a sincere and empowering delegation process. Respect for roles begins with knowing one's own and knowing how they interact with others. Hierarchies are not an absolute value in CARTONPACK but rather a merit acquired by respect for the group and shared. We believe that the recognition and respect for a role derives from the individual's ability to perform their function with excellence while respecting the work of others.

Customer-centric vision

The unit of measurement with which we measure each individual and group result is the level of customer satisfaction. In CARTONPACK all procedures, actions, innovations and researches are aimed at serving the Customer, as the ultimate goal and source at the same time of every development and every success. Even the individual operations, in addition to the strategies, are carried out with responsible attention to the customer's expectations.

Openness to change

Openness to change and innovation is an indispensable prerequisite for success. This mental predisposition is stimulated by the group for the evolution and achievement of long-term goals. At CARTONPACK we favor constructive criticism in order to question any preconceived situation. Comparison and flexibility of thought favor healthy. Every single person must have the possibility, and the duty, to express their ideas, sharing them at any hierarchical level in order to make their own positive contribution to the growth of the group.


At CARTONPACK we recognize competition as the founding value of our business activity. The commercial competition between the economic subjects is a stimulus for the development of the professional responsibility of the individuals involved and for the maturation of greater awareness in the search and in the choice of the correct opportunities.

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