CARTON PACK is "global packaging expertise in food industry".

Standing as a manufacturing and logistic excellence, CARTON PACK provides an international service. It offers to the market its expertise in customized projects development, with innovative packaging solutions lined up with international market trends.

The Company is structured in 3 business units:

  1. Production of packaging for Fruits and Vegs Industry
  2. Production of packaging for Food Industry in general
  3. Production of plastic rolls for converting and packaging

The approach adopted in the development of new packaging solutions is driven by the enhancement of the brands interested, by the functional optimization of packaging and by the attention in the use of materials and industrial production processes according to eco-sustainable logics (cert. ISO 14001, DINCERTCO, FSC and BRC).

With over 50 years of experience, CARTON PACK can boast exceptional performance in lead time and management of high volumes supplied to customers, assuring flexibility, speed and a high level of service and logistics organization. The company has a Sales and Logistics Office which undoubtedly represents the core of activities and a competitive advantage while facing the increasing speed and flexibility requested by the current market, both nationally and internationally.

With a production capacity that stands at 20,000 tons / year, CARTON PACK today outstands among the international market leaders relying on a logistics platform of 40,000 sqm. and a production facility spread over 60,000 sqm.


In CARTON PACK sustainability means the use of smart technologies in relation with energy and raw materials consumption; the safeguard of the environment at every stage of the production and distribution process. It's not only a matter of developing packaging solutions with very low environmental impact, the company has implemented its facilities with a photovoltaic system that produces a peak power of 726 KW with a consequent average output of about 1,000,000 kW / year (PVGis data), thus lowering CO2 emissions by around 530 tons / year.

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